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The Project

«Surrealism found its most ardent ally in photography. It is poetry’s safest vehicle. The best instrument to perceive the relationship between reality and surreality.»
Salvador Dali, 1925

For a few years, I have had the habit of taking long photographic walks in nature. Alone with my camera, I spend quite a bit of time in the woods, by ponds, in meadows, in hollow paths, surrounded by bountiful life. It gives me a chance to observe and let my thoughts run free.

Tons of questions come to you when you’re there, surrounded by nature, simply looking intently at the world around you, in this little piece of countryside, on this little blue planet launched at full speed around its sun, which travels itself non-stop a phenomenal distance.

When you think about it, the whole universe is there, in that centenarian oak-tree, in that hawthorn bush, in that rock, undergoing the test of time.

That is how the link between these images I bring back from those escapades and the universe was created. Slowly, fueled by scientific readings and conferences, fueled by the discovery of the general laws by which the physical world is governed. So was born the Symmetrical Labyrinth.

The Symmetrical Labyrinth reveals the vision of a world born from double, triple or quadruple juxtapositions. These images, reflected from a specific, carefully chosen point, create another vision of reality. Trees, sky, plants, rocks, water, those bases that constitute our environment, reconstructed, open the door to this new world.

As Fernando Pessoa wrote in The Book of Disquiet : «It is only within us that landscapes become landscape. That’s why if I imagine them, I create them; if I create them, they exist; if they exist, I see them just as I do other landscapes.»

But the landscapes of the Symmetrical Labyrinth don’t settle for being landscapes. Because this new world, built from familiar images of our surroundings, encourages contemplation by driving the observer to reflect upon it.

Is reality such as we perceive it? Is this tree, this stone, actually a tree or a stone? Are they something else that we could not see at first glance? Is the reality we are perceiving an illusion?

The Symmetrical Labyrinth endorses this quote from Jean-Pierre Luminet’s Illuminations, Cosmos and Aesthetic : «One of the artist's tasks is to absorb the new knowledge of science and assimilate it to human needs, coloring them with human passions and turning them into human nature’s flesh and blood.»

By combining scientific concepts with the imaginary of science fiction, the Symmetrical Labyrinth becomes a bridge between science and poetry. Between reality and surreality. (q.e.d.)

"We will forever trample on the borders of the unknown, seeking to understand what will always remain incomprehensible. And this is precisely what makes us men. "
Isaac Asimov (The Caves of Steel)