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About Author

Pascal Lachaume  is a fine art photographer who, nowadays, devotes much of his time to artistic research. He practiced his craft for over 15 years in the advertising industry, where he learned to master lighting and photographic technique, the rigor of composition and framing. He has a real know-how in terms of images.

He settled a few years ago in, as he puts it, « the heart of nature, truly getting back to basics », he now, more than ever, lives for photography and his personal work, which explores highly original techniques and themes.

Naturally curious and enterprising, thirsty for knowledge, he is as interested in philosophy or astrophysics as he is in horticulture or old building restoration. Never forgetting photography, wich is in no doubt the engine of his life.

His biggest regret is that he never found enough time to devote himself entirely to empty matchboxes photography...